Why Charter From Us?

reclining-seatsTravellers have a host of options for getting from A to B.

But sometimes their itineraries are more complicated, or their schedule is unpredictable. For example maybe a group needs to travel together at times that don’t match scheduled airline timetables.

It’s in these – and countless other – circumstances that private aircraft charter is the ideal solution. With more than 30 years’ experience of the commercial aircraft charter business, the UK team at 1st Charter offers a complete service for private aircraft or Jet charter.

Private aircraft charter provides the speed, flexibility and convenience that more and more travellers need and expect in today’s shrinking world. 1st Charter has the contacts and expertise to source the aircraft that exactly matches your requirements for UK, Europe and worldwide travel.

Please review the full range of aircraft charter services offered on our website. We look forward to being of service to you in the near future.





Why Charter

  • For Corporate uses, where time is a premium, you have the choice of airports, aircraft, flight times and costs. No more waiting for your luggage. The ability to fly to a multiple of destinations in one day which would normally take several days on commercial routes.
  • From the moment of boarding the crew operate solely to meet your schedule.
  • From the privacy aspect you will be able to fly with your own choice of company. You can lay out papers in a confidential environment without interruptions.
  • For incentive group travel, we offer the additional service of in-flight enhancements. These could include certain items within the aircraft to be printed with the company logo, e.g. headrest covers, drip mats, coasters, and serviettes. With the addition of personalised announcements, the flight becomes an extension of your company.

Why use 1st Charter?

  • Totally independent brokerage with no single allegiance to any airline, therefore giving you the best possible choice of aircraft type. We represent you, the client.
  • We will cover the entire market, worldwide, to ensure the best possible solution and pricing for your needs.
  • We handle all the contracting.
  • Our service does not stop when the contract is signed. We are with you all the way, providing detailed confirmations, discussing menus and any special requirements for the flight. Everything is planned and thoroughly thought out to make sure your flight is trouble free.